The El Paso County GOP Has Released the 2020 Republican Resolutions

The EPC GOP has released the 2020 resolutions. In a less strange time, each House District would have voted these resolution up to the County party. In times like these, we cannot be sure how this list of resolutions was compiled. No one knows who chose the resolutions that made it to the county’s list.

What we do know is the list contains 46 resolutions. Major concerns of the caucus continues to be voting, immigration, education, abortion, healthcare, and second amendment. Each of those areas received at least three proposed resolutions.

Voting was a priority. Of the 6 resolutions related to voting 2 had to deal with the keeping the Electoral College. It is an important concept that Republicans back passionately.

An interesting category, even if it did not get many resolutions, is the caucus. Two resolutions were presented. One for the caucus and one against the caucus. It’s not clear what the thoughts of registered Republicans are on the caucus, but declining participation is starting to take its toll on the caucus and assembly process.

These resolutions are up for ratification on 28 March 2020 at the County Assembly. It will be interesting to watch if both caucus resolutions are passed; simultaneously making a case for and against the caucus system.


The Chairman for County Commissioner District 3, Jim Bensberg, has sent an email informing the Delegates, Alternates, and the Officers in District 3 what the next steps to get to the Assembly are.

He has tentatively set 26 March 2020 for a electronic Assembly. The chair will open the Assembly for Nominations for Candidate for El Paso County Commissioner, District 3, at noon, Saturday, 21 March 2020 and end at noon, Sunday, 22 March 2020.

Nominations and seconds must be sent separately, via email and must be delivered to both the Chair, Jim Bensberg, at and the Vice Chair, Paul Paradis. See the email sent this morning by Jim Bensberg for their email addresses. If you did not receive the email, you can contact us at and we will provide an unredacted copy of the Chairman’s email.

The EPC GOP Held a Private Meeting on 17 March 20 and CANCELED the County Assembly

Assembly is Canceled!

The EPC GOP held a private meeting last night, 17 March 20. The agenda and the purpose of the meeting are unknown except we have learned through a couple of leaks that the proxy method was discussed and the County Assembly was CANCELED!

We are getting reports that not all candidates or bonus members were informed about this meeting.

Rober Blanken, the House District 17 Chair sent an email describing the requirements for the State Central Committee Meeting and when the proxy forms are due to the Vickie Tonkins. The Email was sent to 28 people outside of Vickie and Robert.

Early Caucus Participation Numbers are In


We are looking to collect the precinct caucus participation numbers across El Paso County. If you were at a precinct caucus we’d love to know the total number of people that showed up for your caucus.

* Early reporting of attendance numbers by House District:
House District 14: 81 people
House District 15: 92 people
House District 16: 46 people
House District 17: 29 people
House District 18: 32 people

*Early reporting of caucus attendance number by precinct:
Precinct 114: 2
Precinct 115: 3
Precinct 116: 4
Precinct 118: 0
Precinct 126: 4
Precinct 151: 9
Precinct 152: 4
Precinct 156: 9
Precinct 177: 1
Precinct 180: 2
Precinct 185: 3
Precinct 189: 2
Precinct 221: 4
Precinct 224: 10
Precinct 448: 8
Precinct 523: 11
Precinct 720: 0
Precinct 722: 2
Precinct 723: 1
Precinct 724: 3
Precinct 804: 3

*Number are subject to change.

A New Conservative YouTube Channel Has Appeared

Tamra Farah’s YouTube Icon

It looks like in the last few hours, a new YouTube channel has begun to populate itself with videos. We don’t know what the story is, but it looks like we’ll get some unfiltered views from Tamra Farah directly. The Channel is named, Women on the Right.

Tamrah is the former Chair of the El Paso County Republican Party. Her views on current events are welcome in this day and age on the Internet. We hope to see plenty of new content from Tamra over the upcoming election season!


George Rapko is at it again misrepresenting the truth to fit his extremely biased narrative. There is basis for why Margot Dupre was removed from the UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! Facebook group ( Mr. Rapko speaks with no knowledge and has no authority on this subject by his own words.

The site is for Republicans and is about Republican candidates. This is why Mr. Rapko was removed from it. He would rather tear apart the Republican Party in his quest for self-promotion then unite it which doesn’t seem to me to be someone who is a Republican.

Yes, I determined after speaking to Ms. Dupre multiple times through messenger and in person, she did not appear to me to be a Republican. Hence, removing her from UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! since it’s a Republican candidate website. If Mr. Rapko wants to endorse her that is his prerogative.

Based on my experience with Mr. Rapko, I can say with confidence he is 100% out for self-promotion at the expense of Republicans. It’s why he built a knock off website called His intent is to mislead people into thinking it’s the El Paso County Republican website so he can continue to disseminate his propaganda. He admitted to this while a member of UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! and this was why he was removed from the group. He’s a fraud.