Is There an Insurrection Underway at the El Paso County GOP?

When looking at the EPC GOP’s public facing website and social media, it is easy to come to the conclusion that they are not good at messaging. You could chalk that up to volunteers not being experienced at running websites or not interested in posting on social media. I chalk it up to the party not having a plan. A plan would give the volunteer of the day the ability to see how their actions should fit into the organization as a whole. But something more sinister could be afoot. We could be witnessing an insurrection at the EPC GOP HQ.

Normally, you must attribute to stupidity those actions that you can attribute to malice. As humans, we are very good at assigning patterns to behavior whether those patterns exist or not. I am no different. In the case of the EPC GOP, I originally started off with the opinion that the party lacked a plan and the poor public perception of the EPC GOP was due to that fact. I pieced together my opinion after spotting pattern after pattern that convinced me that my hypothesis was correct as the EPC GOP seemingly stumbled from one thing to another without a cohesive message.

My opinion that the EPC GOP needs a strategic plan sent me on the path of attempting to get the party to build a plan. This journey has been ongoing for about a year and a half. Over that journey, I’ve seen other patterns emerge from the party. The more I dug, the more I realized that the party didn’t have plan, and they didn’t even know how to put a plan together. I learned, that in fact, it was stupidity, and not malice that was driving the problems I saw.

But recently, a new pattern has emerged. A pattern more sinister in origin and more harmful to the party. The vice-chair is undercutting the chair. She is taking active steps that dilute and contradict the message of the chair from the party. Actions like developing a website separate from the El Paso County website. Actions that appear willful by the party can be thought of as indications of the vice-chair working against the will of the chair. Things like the vice-chair asking a campaign to drop out of the caucus and assembly process and petition on to the ballot, or a mysterious form stating “Individuals who have not paid their delegate or alternate fee will not be seated at the county assembly and will be disqualified as a delegate or alternate to the State Assembly.” only showing up in some of the precinct caucus packages. Patterns emerge that support the idea that the disjointed actions and mistakes made by the party may be the result of a vice-chair cutting down the chair’s authority.

It is not only indirect actions that contribute to the pattern. Even the words of vice-chair betray the idea of an insurrection. In a phone call with the vice-chair, she said openly the only plan the party has is to gain precinct leaders. Or as she operated behind the scenes to attempt to push out bonus members using unfounded smears. All of these actions help shape my opinion that at a minimum we have two officers in the party not on the same page.

Patterns come and go and humans see them. They can be attributed to the randomness of the universe, stupidity, malice, a methodical march to power, or all of the above. A cure though, does exists. A public facing strategic plan that coordinates all of these actions would go a long way in proving the party as a whole is on the same page. Transparency must be our objective.

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