Mental Gymnastics Are Required to Believe the EPC GOP is Not Broke

At last night’s Executive Committed meeting, the EPC GOP Treasurer, John Pitchford, released what could only be called a fictional representation of party’s finances. Instead of an open and honest accounting of the financial health of the party, John released a document full of half-truths and forgotten debts.

To the untrained eye, it would appear that the EPC GOP had nearly $20k on hand. That was until the questions began to come in from the committee. One interested person asked about a loan the EPC GOP took from the state party. John’s answer was to joke about it and quickly admit that, yeah, maybe he should list the fact that the EPC GOP owed $10k to the state party. Then questions about payment for the caucuses started to come from the committee. Again, John’s answer was to use a quick and nervous joke and then give an honest answer. The checks have been written and sent out for caucus, but they haven’t cleared yet and are not reflected in the cash on hand figure on his report. When all the questions from the committee were done, it was clear that the balance on the sheet would read in the red and not nearly $20k if it wasn’t for a $10k loan from the state party.

When it comes to any message that they think they can spin, the EPC GOP goes on a full Politburo style PR campaign of misinformation and deception instead of just being honest. They have not learned that in politics the cover up is often more damaging than the misdeed. It infects everything they do. From Human Relations, to finances, to their social media. You cannot trust anything put out by the party’s leadership.

The secrecy and half-truths must end if the EPC GOP wants to regain its prestige as the number one Republican party in the state. Until they figure that out, they will remain, “No more powerful than a large high school’s student council ” — an anonymous source.

EPC GOP Email Originally Released 26 Feb 2020

YOU are the life of the Party.Welcome to the El Paso County Republican Party newsletter! Please forward our newsletters to your email list and help us spread our message of commitment to our Constitution, the Republican Platform, and our Republican candidates and elected officials.Get Involved.Have you found us on Facebook and Twitter? We post regularly about important issues, events, and news affecting all levels of government–in the county, state and nation. Please be an active participant in our social media by sharing and retweeting. President Trump’s commercial filmed right here in Colorado Springs…are you in it?President Trump’s Colorado rally at the World Arena was epic! Congratulations to all of you who managed to get inside and hear his message. He highlighted the many successes of his administration, spoke about things to come, and encouraged everyone to get behind Senator Cory Gardner.

 For those of you who didn’t make it, President Trump assured us that he’ll be back to Colorado. We can’t wait! 

In the meantime, click HERE to see President Trump’s  commercial that was filmed right here in Colorado Springs.Click here to reach the Caucus information page of our website!Mark your calendar for a WATCH PARTY!President Trump is speaking at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this Saturday, Feb. 29, and we’re getting together at GOP Headquarters at 12:30 p.m. to watch. If you’d like come, please RSVP to our Trump Victory Regional Field Director, Cristian Antal, at

Republican Active Voters by State Senate and House District


The El Paso County Republican Party released Republican active voter counts for each of the El Paso County precincts. We summed them up for you and are releasing them here. As for the individual numbers, you can find them on the precincts map. The count for the entire county is 155,006 active voters.

We will include our own analysis about the voter counts in a separate post. Our analysis will include the number of active Democrats and Independents as well. If you would like to conduct your own analysis, you can purchase the same data set that we use from the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder by sending an email to the El Paso County Election Department. The cost of the data is$25 with some administrative fees associated with the delivery method you choose.

State House District Active Republican Voters

House DistrictActive Republican Voters

State Senate District Active Republican Voters

Senate DistrictActive Republican Voters

Presidential Primary Voter Turnout in El Paso County

Voter turnout in El Paso county looks to be on par with the 2018 voter turn out. According to the Magellan Strategies Colorado Ballots Returned Demographic Report released on 24 Feb 2020, Republican voters in El Paso County are leading the charge in returning primary ballots. El Paso County accounted for 45,276 out of the 247, 202 Republican ballots returned so far, and are, by percentage, up almost a full point over the previous voter turn out. You can expect the numbers to change. Magellan Strategies expects a flurry of ballots over the next week as last-minute voters turn in their ballots. I know this voter’s ballot will be included in those last minute votes.

A copy of the Ballots Returned Demographic Report can be download here.

A New Conservative YouTube Channel Has Appeared

Tamra Farah’s YouTube Icon

It looks like in the last few hours, a new YouTube channel has begun to populate itself with videos. We don’t know what the story is, but it looks like we’ll get some unfiltered views from Tamra Farah directly. The Channel is named, Women on the Right.

Tamrah is the former Chair of the El Paso County Republican Party. Her views on current events are welcome in this day and age on the Internet. We hope to see plenty of new content from Tamra over the upcoming election season!


George Rapko is at it again misrepresenting the truth to fit his extremely biased narrative. There is basis for why Margot Dupre was removed from the UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! Facebook group ( Mr. Rapko speaks with no knowledge and has no authority on this subject by his own words.

The site is for Republicans and is about Republican candidates. This is why Mr. Rapko was removed from it. He would rather tear apart the Republican Party in his quest for self-promotion then unite it which doesn’t seem to me to be someone who is a Republican.

Yes, I determined after speaking to Ms. Dupre multiple times through messenger and in person, she did not appear to me to be a Republican. Hence, removing her from UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! since it’s a Republican candidate website. If Mr. Rapko wants to endorse her that is his prerogative.

Based on my experience with Mr. Rapko, I can say with confidence he is 100% out for self-promotion at the expense of Republicans. It’s why he built a knock off website called His intent is to mislead people into thinking it’s the El Paso County Republican website so he can continue to disseminate his propaganda. He admitted to this while a member of UNITE AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! and this was why he was removed from the group. He’s a fraud.

How to Read Your Precinct Information

When you show up at caucus this year, you’ll get your precinct number. If you are not familiar with the format, you’ll have a tough time understanding what it means. The precinct number will contain 10 digits and will give you information about your Congressional District, State Senate District, State House District, County Code, and then finally your Precinct Number. I will use my precinct number to illustrate how to read it.

My precinct number is: 5121821724. That number is broken down in the following way:

The first digit is my Congressional District: 5
The second and third digits are my State Senate District : 12
The fourth and fifth digits are my State House District: 18
The sixth and seventh digits are my County Code: 21
The eight, ninth and tenth digits are my Precinct Code: 724

All precinct numbers are formatted in the same order. It is something that confused me when I first attended the caucus since I knew my precinct number was 724, but I was given a 10 digit number when I walked in. I hope this primer helps you out.