The El Paso County GOP Has Released the 2020 Republican Resolutions

The EPC GOP has released the 2020 resolutions. In a less strange time, each House District would have voted these resolution up to the County party. In times like these, we cannot be sure how this list of resolutions was compiled. No one knows who chose the resolutions that made it to the county’s list.

What we do know is the list contains 46 resolutions. Major concerns of the caucus continues to be voting, immigration, education, abortion, healthcare, and second amendment. Each of those areas received at least three proposed resolutions.

Voting was a priority. Of the 6 resolutions related to voting 2 had to deal with the keeping the Electoral College. It is an important concept that Republicans back passionately.

An interesting category, even if it did not get many resolutions, is the caucus. Two resolutions were presented. One for the caucus and one against the caucus. It’s not clear what the thoughts of registered Republicans are on the caucus, but declining participation is starting to take its toll on the caucus and assembly process.

These resolutions are up for ratification on 28 March 2020 at the County Assembly. It will be interesting to watch if both caucus resolutions are passed; simultaneously making a case for and against the caucus system.

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