The El Paso County Republican Guide’s Strategic Plan

Vision: To enable a world where Republicans of all types are given immediate access to all El Paso County Republican information.

Mission: To publicly release all Republican information in El Paso County, Colorado.

Strategy: Continually pressure the El Paso County Republican Party (the Party) to release all plans and information.


  • The Party accepts public contributions and therefore must provide a public strategic plan
  • The Party is the head of our county caucus and therefore represents all Republican in the county, not just the officers, district leaders, division leader, and precinct leaders
  • If the Party is not useful, we as county Republicans should bypass them
  • The Party cannot continue to conduct voter drives without measuring their operations objectives
  • The Party must release the lessons learned to the Republicans that support them
  • A culture change is required across all Republicans — as a party we need to become on open organization

Lines of Operation:

  1. Social media
  2. Internet
  3. Data aggregation
  4. Party affiliation
  5. Public meetings

Line of Operation 1: Social Media

I will use social media of all types to call out the the Party on their failure to publish meaningful data and information for the El Paso County Republican voter.

Line of Operation 2: Internet

I will create a public website to release all data that I can find that is relevant to the El Paso County Republican and attempt to divert traffic from the Party website.

Line of Operation 3: Data Aggregation

I will aggregate as much of the data I can find that is important to the El Paso County Republican and make it easily digestible by the Republican voter.

Line of Operation 4: Party Affiliation

I will run for all offices that I am eligible for in the Party. I will use any position in the Party to push for the release of all data and plans to the El Paso County Republican voter.

Line of Operation 5: Public Meetings

I will attend all Republican meetings that are open to the public to interact with as many Republicans as possible. I will continue to reinforce my push to release all data and plans. If I make contact with members of the Party’s Executive Committee, I will specifically ask for them to bring up a motion to release data and the Party’s Strategic Plan.

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